Before the hunt, teams are emailed the link to the Prelude puzzle as just a thematic lead-in. Here is the link to the Prelude solution. Before the start of the hunt, one representative from each team also took part in an on-site Pre-hunt Event. All teams receive $10 Contraband Cash, and those which complete the event are awarded $10 more.
At the start of the hunt, teams have access to the hunt website which shows the Prison Layout graphical puzzle interface. This contains links to the Hunt Intro and all 14 puzzles below, which includes 13 marked inmate puzzles (one of which was an unmarked Main Meta) and an unmarked Escape Meta linked through the Prison Layout. All these were also provided in hardcopy except for the unmarked Escape Meta. Once both metas are solved, teams are given the Runaround in hardcopy.
Puzzles Teams Solved First Team to Solve
Augustinus Wagmeister Solution 0 -
Bryce Lynch Solution 5 9N3S 9NVIW WIS
Cameron Poe (separate errata) Solution 9 Unstoppers
Daley Cheng Solution 22 Flower Power
Ellis Redding Solution 1 erm
Face Man Solution 5 Kaya/d
Galliano Amaretto Solution 1 erm
Henri Charriere Solution 1 Redwind
Ian Fairplay Solution 2 Unstoppers
Jean Valjean Solution 18 Middle Class
Kaniel Outis Solution 0 -
Larry Lawrence Solution 6 Redwind
Main Meta - Matthis Siemian Solution 0 -
Escape Meta Solution 0 -
Runaround Solution 0 -