Ong Kah Kien
Celestine Lau
Sim Hong Jhun

Hunt Editor
Ong Kah Kien

Alex Walker
Sara Walker
Renee Ngan
James Sugrono
Kieran Boyd
Seth Schoen
Mona Wang
Greg Kinnerman
Angela Calvi

Huntserver and Tech
Celestine Lau

Mobile Task Force - justarandomdude26
Montauk (photo of Montreal suburb) - Yoozer_neim
Inside Out (post-apocalyptic photo edit of Marina Bay) - Ricky Xaiyasak

Monsters from Monsters Manual 4th and 5th editions - Dungeons & Dragons (licensed by Wizards of the Coast)
Aboleth - Mark Behm
Beast Master (Drizzt Do'Urden) - Unspecified artist
Beholder - Raymond Swanland
Displacer Beast - Conceptopolis
Minotaur - Brynn Metheney
Ooze (Ochre Jelly) - Unspecified artist
Ropers - Warren Mahy
Rakshasa - Ilya Shkipin

Monster from The Hanged Three fandom
Invisible Stalker - Unspecified artist

Monster name from Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, image from Release the Dragons! - Pathfinder (licensed by Paizo Inc)
Alduin (Wyvern) - Unspecified artist

Monster from Pathfinder Bestiary - Pathfinder (licensed by Paizo Inc)
Pit Fiend - Michele Giorgi