SGPH Hunt Philosophy

1) Fun for solvers

An overall enjoyable hunt, not just through clean tested puzzles, but also interactions and the hunt experience. Fun for writers as well, but not without considering the solver experience.

2) For the local puzzle community

Fellow enthusiasts here and people whom we had solved with, now all puzzle friends. Bringing the local community together for hunt exposure and a fun experience. But the trade-off is not having a high reach for our puzzles.

3) Hunt standard

Comprising a variety of hunt-caliber puzzles, using a hunt-style writing process. This enables solvers to get exposure to a typical online hunt, and different puzzle genres and mechanics. To help improve solving skills, preparing solvers for other puzzle hunts beyond SGPH.

4) Thematic

Meaningful overarching narrative link, puzzles aligned with answers. We can because this is a small hunt, and it is nice to have.

5) Good production values

Has visual elements that enhance theme, including custom souvenirs where possible.