Teams Solved First Team to Solve
Prelude [Pre-hunt puzzle sent to teams] Puzzle Solution 22Masterchefs
All teams are given the Evidence Round Intro, Puzzles and Meta at the start of the hunt.
Evidence Round IntroEvidence Round Intro
1 Day 1 - An Element of Music Puzzle Solution 0-
2 Day 2 - A Torturous Work of Art Puzzle Solution 25Team Tricky
3 Day 3 - A Small Drawing Puzzle Solution 23ROUS
4 Day 4 - A Handwritten Monograph Puzzle Solution 22ROUS
5 Day 5 - A Dirty Shoeprint Puzzle Solution 22Kaya/d
6 Day 6 - A Typewritten Board Puzzle Solution 5Masterchefs
7 Day 7 - A Soft Scarf Puzzle + given scarf Solution 16Mish Mash
Evidence Meta MetaPuzzle Solution 15SGoats
Once teams solve the Evidence Meta, they are given the Suspects Round Intro (contains Evidence Meta answer spoiler), Puzzles and Meta.
Suspects Round Intro Suspects Round Intro
1 Suspect 1 - Miss Irene Adler Puzzle Solution 8SGoats
2 Suspect 2 - Colonel Sebastian Moran Puzzle Solution 11Furrowed Brows
3 Suspect 3 - Mrs Martha Hudson Puzzle Solution 6Furrowed Brows
4 Suspect 4 - Reverend John Bosco Puzzle Solution 2Team Tricky
5 Suspect 5 - Mrs Patricia Byrd Puzzle Solution 4ROUS
6 Suspect 6 - Professor James Moriarty Puzzle Solution 2SGoats
Suspects Meta MetaPuzzle Solution 3Team Tricky
Once teams solve the Suspects Meta, they are given the Endgame puzzle (contains Suspects Meta answer spoiler).
Endgame Puzzle Solution 2Team Tricky
Once teams solve the Endgame puzzle, they proceed on the Runaround (contains Endgame answer spoiler), after which they are given the Epilogue.
Runaround Runaround
Epilogue Epilogue