Round 1
All puzzles
1.6 Double Trouble puzzle pieces (9 pieces to be cut out)
1.9 N.E.W.T. event puzzle instructions
1.9 N.E.W.T. certificate (given only after completing event puzzle)

Round 2
All puzzles (unlocked only after Round 1 meta solved, contains Round 1 meta answer spoiler)
Final Runabout instructions (given only after Round 2 meta solved, contains Round 2 meta answer spoiler)

Teams SolvedFirst Team to Solve
Prelude[Pre-hunt puzzle sent to teams]PuzzleSolution
Round 1 IntroRound 1 Intro
1.1 The Forbidden Forest Puzzle Solution 25CatchNoBall
1.2 Weasleys' Wizarding Wheezes Puzzle Solution 24Random Invaders
1.3 The Leaky Cauldron Puzzle Solution 15Goast Bustaz
1.4 The Ministry of Magic Puzzle Solution 25Team White Maria
1.5 Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus Puzzle Solution 8Anyhow Hantam
1.6 Double Trouble Puzzle + see pieces above Solution 4UHM
1.7 Gringotts Wizarding Bank Puzzle Solution 17VworpVworp
1.8 King's Cross Station Puzzle Solution 2UHM
1.9 N.E.W.T. Puzzle + see files above Solution 25Team White Maria
Round 1 Meta See Round 1 intro Solution 25ROUS
Round 2 Intro Round 2 Intro
2.1 Cedric Diggory Puzzle Solution 0-
2.2 Professor McGonagall Puzzle Solution 2saeot
2.3 Rita Skeeter Puzzle Solution 7Furro Bro
2.4 Sirius Black Puzzle Solution 7Chao Ta Sunflower
2.5 Fred and George Weasley Puzzle Solution 3Furro Bro
2.6 Olympe Maxime Puzzle Solution 0-
2.7 Molly Weasley Puzzle Solution 12ROUS
Round 2 Meta See Round 2 intro Solution 0-