Part 1 - Registration

1) The hunt is for teams of two to four members. At least one team member must be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Residents.

2) The full names and email addresses of each team member must be submitted when registering the team. These details will only be used for the purposes of the competition.

3) The early-bird registration fee is $20 per person or S$80 for each of the first 20 full teams. Subsequently, the standard registration fee will be $28 per person or S$112 for each full team. An advance announcement will be made on the puzzle hunt website and Facebook page when the early-bird registration fee is no longer valid.

5) Team members will receive an email confirmation of their registration within 24 hours of receipt of the registration fee. Registration fees are non-refundable once the team registration has been confirmed.

6) By registering for the puzzle hunt, all participants agree to abide by its rules, and to fully responsible for their own safety and that of their belongings during the puzzle hunt.

7) Registered teams may change the team members by emailing to inform the organisers in advance.

Part 2 - General

1) During the puzzle hunt, teams will be provided with a discussion room/area (with a table, four chairs and a power socket) where they can work on their puzzles. Wireless internet connectivity will be available, but organisers are not held responsible for the stability and speed of the connection.

2) The hunt kicks off at 1.00pm. At 1.17pm, each team will be given an identical puzzle pack with all the puzzles to be solved. At 6:00pm, the hunt will end and the hunt wrap-up presentation for teams will begin, ending by about 7.00pm. Teams which complete the hunt before the time limit are encouraged to stay for the wrap-up!

3) Each team is allowed one hint during the hunt. The hint gives teams the opportunity to ask the organisers one yes or no question. Additional hints may be granted during the puzzle hunt at the organisers' discretion.

4) Teams may use any resources and references, printed or online, during the hunt.

5) During the hunt, team members may step out of the hunt venue as they wish, and are encouraged to interact with other teams. However, teams must work independently and not get help on puzzles from anyone else, including other teams or any external people.

6) Any team deemed by organisers to be engaging in misconduct, unsporting behaviour or abuse of the competition will be disqualified and ejected from the hunt venue immediately. This includes, but is not limited to: cheating, spying on other teams, interfering with another team's progress, soliciting and/or stealing answers and intentionally sabotaging any aspect of the puzzle hunt. If the legitimacy of any answer is in doubt, the organisers reserve the right to ask a team how they approached and solved the puzzle.

7) The decisions of the organisers on all matters regarding eligibility and disqualification are final and no correspondence will be entertained.

If you have any questions, get in touch with us at