Who are the organisers of the Singapore Puzzle Hunt?

The Singapore Puzzle Hunt is created and organised by the Puzzlesmiths, a volunteer group of puzzle enthusiasts with over 30 years of combined experience in international puzzle hunts. (In other words, it's a secret. Take part and you'll find out!)

Why are the Puzzlesmiths volunteering to organise this non-profit event?

The Puzzlesmiths believe in growing a sizeable and strong puzzle community in Singapore. By creating a challenging annual puzzle event, we hope to give local puzzle enthusiasts the opportunity and depth of an experience akin to those of international puzzle hunts. Hence we are organising the Singapore Puzzle Hunt, in what better time than this year to celebrate SG50. We hope you can take part, have a good time, get to know other puzzle enthusiasts, and grow our local puzzle community together.

How is the Singapore Puzzle Hunt different from other puzzle games?

The puzzles are much more challenging as they are in the style of those in international puzzle hunts. This is a static hunt; all the essential elements of the puzzle are handed to you from the start. Yet the puzzles do not contain instructions, and require one or more intuitive leaps of thinking to figure out the solution steps. It will take all your brainpower, logic, insight and teamwork to complete the hunt. Expect a fun afternoon of having a mental workout with friends and meeting fellow puzzle enthusiasts!

Is there also an immersive storyline and experience to this hunt, like other similar puzzle games and hunts? What is the theme?

Yes! There is a storyline and theme to this hunt, and teams will assume the roles of the main characters to help solve the puzzles and hunt mystery. But in the style of the MIT Mystery Hunt, you will only be given the teaser for the theme now to keep the suspense! More clues will be shared with registered teams in our communications. Feel free to speculate about theories on the theme leading up to the hunt! The detailed storyline will only be revealed during the hunt kick-off at the start of the event.

What kind of skills or puzzle solving experience do I need to take part?

A variety of skills will help: analytical thinking, logical thinking, word skills, research, general knowledge, obscure knowledge (or just being good with search engines), mathematics, and other disciplines. Experience with other puzzle hunts is not necessary, though it helps!

How long will the hunt take?

The hunt will start on Sunday 12 July 1pm and end at 6pm - so you'll get a maximum of about five hours to complete the hunt. This will be followed by an hour-long wrap-up presentation by the Puzzlesmiths who will go through all the solutions. So you should plan to stay till 7pm. Even if your team completes the hunt early, do stick around for the wrap-up presentation!

Why is there a registration fee?

Because venue rental is expensive! The registration fee is used to offset some of the costs of venue rental and other logistics for the physical event. The fees charged are nominal compared to shorter Singapore puzzle events, and we can only cover our costs thanks to support from the SG50 Celebration Fund. The puzzle hunt is a non-profit event and run by the volunteer Puzzlesmiths out of interest. We hope to be able to continue to charge such nominal registration fees in future. If you or anyone you know is keen to be a sponsor for the puzzle hunt, please contact and let us know how you wish to help.

What is the prize for the first team to complete the hunt?

The warm glow of victory. Like most other puzzle hunts and games, there is no actual prize for the first team to complete the hunt. The fun and challenge of the experience of the puzzle hunt is what makes every participating team a winner. Even after the first team completes the hunt, other teams can continue to solve the puzzles and try to complete the hunt too. The first team to finish gets bragging rights, as well as a hunt memento.

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